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AI, AVID - Adobe Bridge, Remote Editing: Next Generation MAM to the Rescue

Rahul Bhargava, CTO Evolphin

Next-generation Media Asset Management (MAM) systems are going beyond the traditional functions like proxy management, search, metadata management, and content delivery, to act as a complete digital exchange platform.  Hear Rahul highlight the three major trends:

  1. Artificial Intelligence technology automating MAM workflows
  2.  Remote editing workflows for increasingly decentralized editing teams
  3. Bridging Avid and Adobe workflows for TV and Digital team collaboration

From 'In the Loop' to 'On the Loop': How AI Is Transforming Media and Entertainment

Paul Cramer, Veritone

Paul will highlight several use cases in Media and Entertainment where AI is transforming workflows and creating new revenue streams today.  He will spotlight use cases ranging from compliance, metadata and enrichment, analytics and advertising intelligence, attribution, and content licensing. He’ll also discuss application available today, as well as the benefits of building upon an AI Operating System.

Case Study - How the Buffalo Sabres and Bills Produce Highlights for Social Media and

Jeff Krebs, Blackbird

Producers at Pegula Sports and Entertainment use Blackbird to produce a daily radio-TV talk show ‘The Instigators’, as well as the pre-game, intermission and post-game show for the Buffalo Sabres.  The Buffalo Bills use Blackbird to produce its live simulcast TV/radio programming dealing with the NHL and the NFL.  Jeff shares his use case where Blackbird’s cloud platform and integration of a live-ingest server allows producers to ingest broadcast feeds, edit clips and publish content with maximum efficiency.

5G's Impact on Media Contribution and Disruption

Todd Schneider, CTO Dejero

5G’s is the newest evolution in wireless networking.  But there is a mystery around its exact definition.  Is it a new RF technology? A new network design? Is it something meant to compete with last mile network delivery? Is it something that promises me guaranteed bandwidth? Also, when will it be available? Is it something I should invest in today? How can we influence carriers to be part of this great new promise? Is bonding still relevant? Hear how Todd sees the promise vs. the reality, the advantages, and costs media contributors and distributors need to be thinking about.

New Storage Paradigms - Cloud to NVMe

Andre Gignac, Quantum

Andre painted a frightful scenario that was a true customer story.  Learn how storage can be your best defense with regards to malware, viruses, and ransomware.

A Web-Based Application to Analyze Multi-Vendor Storage Environment

Olivier Rivard, Ordigraphe

With an infrastructure that keeps growing on different storage units, it is now difficult to have a global view of the data.  An analytics and data management solution such as DataIntell helps organizations to identify old and unused files and gives better insights into data changes, file duplication and used space over time.  This kind of tool is also a great way to understand the impact of a project on the infrastructure.

Designing the SMPTE 2110 Network

Ryan Morris, Arista Networks

Broadcasters and Media Distributors are no longer just considering the adoption of IP and SMPTE-2110 as something that can work given enough time. There are many successful deployments all over the globe, relying on different topologies, configuration processes, and platforms to facilitate this migration process.  During Ryan’s presentation, he focuses on providing broadcast professionals with deployment strategies such as Monolithic vs. Spin; Layer 2 Multicast vs. Layer 3 Multicast; Red/Blue vs. Purple Networks. He focuses on increasing the resiliency of the data network, from both an essence perspective, and a PTP perspective, while taking advantage of best practices for both.

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