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Partnering with key technologies that can not only handle the volume and complexity of data that can handle the processing and analyzing data into artificial intelligence solutions within the Canadian government infrastructure.

Defence and Security in the Cyber Domain

With 70 percent of the population having Smartphones by 2020 and the number of connected IoT devices surging to 125 Billion by 2030 and more militaries and nefarious groups around the globe get involved in cyber operations, these pose emerging vulnerabilities and threats against Canada’s government, militaries, and civilians.  The need for more advanced technologies where cyber defense against rapidly evolving threats.

In this recent 2019 Report from Canadian Association fo Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) IIt defines the issues the Canadian Government are facing to expedite defense in;

  • Defence Technologies
  • Cyber Security Technologies
  • Cyber Defence Technologies

Law Enforcement

How does AI, Video and Data Management Help Law Enforcement?

AI has become the best weapon for detecting criminal activity. Analyzing Video feeds and Online feeds, analyzed in real time providing proactive solutions for Law Enforcement.  Identify suspects by analyzing multiple video feed sources.

Learn more about How Media Analysis becomes a critical aspect of Defence and Security and smart systems with Veritone.

Learn more about Hybrid Cloud Storage for Government Agencies in Quantum’s ebook.


Storage Infrastructure

Mission critical Agencies need to be procuring for future needs ensuring backups and archiving, consolidation of data and leverage new cloud technologies meeting compliance mandates. Learn more about Quantum’s Solutions for Federal Government.

Contact our local expert, Wade wade.kean@f2tech.ca  to learn more about partner solutions in Government & Defence and meet with us at #CANSEC2019.


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